Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Just got back from Windowbreaker's screening at the Woods Hole Film Festival. There was a pretty good turnout for our shorts program, and we had the pleasure of screening after Nick Childs' The Shovel, which won Tribeca this year. The whole scene is pretty chill and I met a slew of really cool filmmakers, all of whom you'll find in our 'film buddies' links on the right. I'll try to post photos as people e-mail them to me.

**Woods Hole is nice looking** Photo by Corey Boutilier

Me and experimental film legend Jon Jost.

DB Sweeney was there with his feature film Dirt Nap.

From left: Sarah Macauley (Mein Leibchen), Kim Putman (The Bitterness, Jeremy Carr (Ice Cream Ants), Nick Childs (The Shovel), my producer Bryan Wilson, and Me (making a WOODS HOLE gang sign). Photo by Corey Boutilier of independentfilm.com

DB Sweeney (Co-Writer-Actor-Director, Dirt Nap), J. P. Ouellette (writer/producer), Me, Brian Currie (Writer, Dirt Nap


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